As Performer:

Poems and Variations: Tikker at Claremont: Dupré Évocation, op. 37; Tikker Variations sur un vieux Noël; Tournemire Trois Poèmes, op. 59; Raven OAR-670

Charles Tournemire: the Last Symphonic Organ Works: Deux Fresques Symphoniques Sacrées, opp. 76, 75; Symphonie Sacrée, op. 71; Symphonie-Choral d’Orgue, op. 69; Arkay AR-6118

Historic Organs of San Francisco: Tournemire Sortie, op. 3; 2 CD OHS-88

As Composer:

Historic Organ of Seattle: A Young and Vibrant History: Joseph Adam, organist, 1907 Hutchings-Votey organ, Saint James RC Cathedral, Seattle, WA: Divinum Mysterium: Solemn Meditation: OHS-08 (4 CDs; see disc 3)

Preludes, Fugues and Variations: Brad Hughley, organist, Rosales organ, op. 29, St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, Atlanta, GA: Toccata Kopanitsa; Raven OAR-930

To Thee All Angels Cry Aloud: performed by Christopher Young on the Buzard organ at St. John the Divine Chapel, Champaign, IL; Three Gregorian Sketches; Pro Organo CD 7081

Great Organs of America: Modern Landmarks, vol. 2: Diane Meredith Belcher on the Glatter-Goetz/Rosales organ at Claremont United Church of Christ, CA: Tiento de Batalla sobre el Balletto del Granduca; JAV 115

Poems & Variations: Tikker at Claremont: Variations sur un vieux Noël; Raven OAR-670

Dances with Harpsichords: performed by Elaine Funaro: Three Bulgarian Dances; Centaur CRC 2651

As Improviser:

Cecil B. DeMille’s The King of Kings; improvised organ accompaniment to silent film; E. M. Skinner organ at Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church, Detroit, MI; Criterion Collection DVD 266